Relieve pain and inflammations with
precision cryotherapy
What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, is an application that exposes the whole body or targeted areas to extreme cold temperature and is a non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical modality used to achieve wide range of health and wellness benefits, such as inflammation reduction, improved blood circulation and analgesic effects.

RecensMedical’s CryoRelif
Rapid & Precise Cooling Control

Control and monitor cooling temperature and duration for effective and safe treatment

Ability of establishing treatment protocols

Elimination of guesswork

Small Portable Device

Easy and convenient procedure without time and space restriction

Enhanced Safety

Maximize safety of cryogen delivery with a gas filter and aluminum cartridge

CryoRelif is the first handheld localized cryotherapy device with proprietary Precision Cooling Technology that allows precise
control of cooling protocol for:

Alleviation of muscle and joint pain, acute inflammation

Alleviation of post-surgery and sports injury and trauma

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

With the ability to precisely control cooling temperature and duration, CryoRelif allows cold therapy to be done more safely and penetrated deeper into muscular layer without risk of overcooling. CryoRelif is designed to make cryotherapy a safer, more reliable and effective application for patients, minimizing the adverse effects of uncontrolled cooling like local frostbites.

CryoRelif’s ergonomics with the use of compact gas cartridge allows treatment to be carried out anywhere, anytime, thus improves the whole user experience of cryotherapy. The use of gas cartridge eliminates the troubles of stringent cryogenic gas tank delivery, making cryogenic gas supply a hassle-free experience.

Control panel that allows preset of treatment protocols Micro-thermoelectric cooling module for pressure/temperature control Real-time monitoring of skin temperature for patient’s safety Ergonomic design for ease of use Compact aluminum CO2 cartridge for portability Cryogenic gas filter for a cleaner and safer cooling treatment Two IR sensors for maximum treatment safety

How Does It Work?

With existing cryotherapy technology, cooling temperature is uncontrollable and therapeutic temperature is not achievable instantly.
These limitations with current cryotherapy technology can result in inadvertent tissue damage as well as variable treatment outcomes.

CryoRelif allows cryotherapy treatment protocol to be predetermined and controlled in an unprecedentedly precise and rapid manner. CryoRelif’s thermodynamic state regulator allows control of the intrinsic temperature of cryogen, within a range from -10˚C to +5˚C at cryoshock cooling rate. As soon as the treatment begins, the desired temperature is achieved instantaneously, without depending on one’s experience or skill to manually adjust the application distance and duration.

With precise control of temperature, CryoRelif serves as a safer, more effective and reliable cryotherapy option for patients.

Applications of Cryotherapy in Physiotherapy and Recovery

Cold temperature is known to be an effective treatment for muscle recovery, reduction in pain, acute inflammation and
swelling among athletes and physiotherapists. Cryotherapy can be considered for the following indications: Relieve joint pain and inflammations associated with inflammatory diseases Relieve soft tissues pain and inflammations Reduce recovery time and improve joint and tendon functions Reduce muscle soreness and pain Post-traumatic or post-orthopedic surgery care on soft tissues and joints